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Gobbo Doggo Session

Gobbo Doggo Session

with Goddess

Hey there! I'm your petite green goblin puppy girl, standing at just over 5 feet tall with a mischievous grin and eyes that sparkle with curiosity. At 25, I've adorned my green skin with playful tattoos that tell stories of adventure and desire.

A Little About Me
I'm not your typical companion. With my pixie-like charm and a love for exploration, I bring a unique blend of fantasy and intimacy to our time together. My puppy ears perk up at the sound of your voice, and my tail wags with excitement as I anticipate our rendezvous.

Full-Body-Tracking: Yes

Quest-Compatible: No

PCVR-Compatible: Yes

Desktop-Compatible: Yes

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More about Goddess

Kon'nichiwa, kon'nichiwa 〜  (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
25 / Non-Binary Mutt Goddess , Goddess Service For All Kinds Of Needs ~ PLEASE use me till you're PLEASED ~! \(♡´౪<3 and some other fun toys ~!