Gents VR

Gents VR is a lewd VR Community where you can book ERP Sessions with a model and geet to know like-minded people

The Problem

At the moment social VR Platforms like VRChat restrict or mute any adult behavior. Adults dont feel heard and almost as if adults have to be ashamed to be lewd.

The Goal

The goal is to create a social vr platform where anything lewd is celebrated.

Two sides

Gents VR consists of two sides: On one side you can get to know like-minded people and have a good time and on the other side you can book sessions with our models.

Current State

In the future everything will be combined on our own full fleged adult social VR Platform, but since we are in the beginning of our adventure we are still in the middle of development.

Right now we offer:

If you are interested in Gents VR and our progress, join our Discord or checkout our socials

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