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Full Body Tracking

All Models have Full-Body-Tracking

Quest-, Desktop- and PCVR-Compatible

Depends on the Session. VR-Headset is not required

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What's required to meet a model in VR ?

In order to meet a Model you need a VR-Headset or PC with VRChat installed. Also we recommend using an NSFW Avatar.

Can I cancel the session?

Yes you will get a 100% refund if you cansel the session up to 24h before. Otherwise you will be refunded 50%. See the Refund Policy

Can the model use a specific Avatar?

Yes, you can buy an Avatar for the model for a custom Session. In this case send us a mail:

Can I join Gents VR as a Model?

Yes you can! We are looking for new models. In order to register go here

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Gents VR is developing the worlds first sex-positive VR Platform

First step

Meeting on VRChat

The current state

Second Step

Entire VR-Platform

Gents VR is developing a whole VR-Platform accesible through any browser even on Quests with WebXR

Third Step

Sex-Toy Integration

Sextoys will be integrated to the platform to allow more immersion